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Custom Homes in Vaughan

We are the top custom homes company in Vaughan and surrounding areas of Toronto, ON.

Our 7-Step Custom Home Building Process:


1. Consultation

2. Design Development

3. Presentation Meeting

4. Construction Drawings

5. Final Design Plans

6. Construction Begins

7. Home Completion

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Experience the Amaris Group difference!

Our Company’s main priority as Construction Company is to provide our clients with the highest quality of  Design and materials, yet at the best price possible.  We bring an insider’s knowledge of costs and an excellent network of professional trades to deliver consistently competitive pricing on a variety of projects. We offer creative thinking on alternatives and options to stay within budget and at the same time say ahead of the competition in terms of quality of the structure.

We can come and take measurement of your house and prepare a complete “permit ready” drawing (from scratch) Showing the changes that you are planning to make.

Drawing that we prepare would include all architectural structural and building code. Related specifications needed as well AGI will take care of applying for and obtain a building permit for tour project.

A dream of many people is to build their own home, their dream home and Amaris Group is here to help you bring your dream to reality!

Are you one of those people? 

Do you want to build because you cannot find the home of your dreams—the one you imagine that does not exist?

Or do you want to build because it is a part of you, from the first meeting with the Architect to when the keys are given to you and everything in between?

 As they start to frame, you see your house taking shape. After your house is waterproofed, the windows are installed, and the roof is on, the work inside begins. When drywall is installed, you can picture the result. There is still the fun of selecting every element of your home from the cladding on the outside, shingles on your roof, and the finishes inside. Imagine a home built just for you.

 Amaris Group Inc. works hard every day to service our clients, making sure that all their needs and wishes are met. We strive for quality and service; that means we take your budget seriously. What does quality mean to a builder?

It means that we do not do the minimum to reach code. Building to code means you get the bare minimum when it comes to building standards. Amaris Group Inc. looks to the future: we look at new products, technologies, and new breakthroughs in construction to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.  

Our Detailed Process for Custom Homes Construction

While many older homes look and feel worn out, they often have enormous hidden potential. Amaris Group Inc. specialize in finding creative ways to build on what you have. We will assess your property’s condition, and its current and potential market value. Through this process, we identify the best solutions to meet your needs while also leveraging your investment.

Love your home! Renovating & Remodeling with Amaris Group Inc.

Buying an old home can be a solid investment, but going through a home renovation can be tough. Whether it’s a failing roof, a leaky basement or needing a home renovation facelift, there are always unique challenges in each home we work with, from design, realistic budgets to ‘surprises’ during the construction phase, like coding violations or mold issues.

Luckily our years in design-build has allowed us to simplify the process for our homeowners. We like to keep our process as straightforward and easy as possible, stamped with our quality & warranty guarantees with our team of licensed professionals.

1. Consultation

Meet with our experienced team to review your home renovation needs. This could be a complete home renovation or home remodel. What is the difference?

A home renovation is where we restore and update your home to a good state of repair, for example, repairing structural issues or updating a tired kitchen, bathroom and living area. A home remodel is where we change the structure or form of your home, for example, adding extra square footage to your space or adding a modern extension to a transitional façade.

2. Design Development

Let us get into details! What do you envision for your space?

From space layout, moving walls, design style, coolers, interior and exterior fixtures, we want to understand your vision to bring your dream home to life. It is ok if you’re not sure! Our team will guide you every step of the way and will prepare a clear scope of work for your home.

3. Presentation Meeting

Amaris Group Inc. will review your preliminary scope-of-work for your home renovation, major addition, or remodel. Review timelines, budgets, financing options, building permit requirements, architectural or interior drawing requirements and any recommendations for renovation or remodeling updates. From beginning to end, we remain in close contact with homeowners, so the communication is clear, and homeowners are always updated on the happenings to their home.

4. Construction Drawings

Our team of architects, interior designers and engineers will prepare the appropriate Construction Drawings to move forward with your project. At this time, you will meet your Site Supervisor that will remain assigned to your home until the completion of your project. Construction preparation will begin including protecting all areas of the home. For example, surrounding trees and property line with proper perimeters to ensure the health of the landscape. A garbage bin will be moved in and demolition will begin.

5. Final Design Plans

Meet with the architect and/or interior designer to finalize and review your design drawings and plans. This will be the final stage of the design process and we want to make sure you love the finishing touches to your home.

6. Construction Begins

Demolition has begun, final plans approved, and permits acquired…now it is time to build. Your Site Supervisor will be your main point of contact on updates to the home. He/she will also be the point person for all the trades entering your home. Amaris Group Inc. will ensure the site is cleaned daily and that noise is kept to a minimum for your neighbors.

7. Home Completion

Our Project Manager and Site Supervisor will walk you through the home to ensure you are satisfied with the renovation or remodel. You are free to inspect our quality of work until you are satisfied to sign-off on the project. We will then present you with a 2-year warranty on our craftsmanship.

Visit with our Project Manager today for a free consultation and begin the process of renovating your dream home.

What makes us different from others?

amaris group landscaping above expecations

We do it right the first time

No matter how tough the project us – we never take shortcuts. We measure twice and cut once. We make sure we completely understand the project requirements before getting started to avoid any mistakes.

landscaping effective communication amaris group

Effective Communication

We communicate with our customers every step of the way. We make sure there is no broken telephone and ensure all the work is done as you want. Our promise always aligns with our committment towards the customers complete satisfaction. 

landscaping over 15 years amaris group

15 years of Experience

Amaris Group has over 15 years of experience being a general contractor and specializing in various renovation projects. Our workmanship is congruent to our years of experience.

amaris group landscaping above expecations

Expert Builders

We only hire the best of the best. Amaris Group hires construction workers who are qualified and certified to get the job done. We never outsource our work and take pride in our full time staff’s ability to get the job done.

amaris group landscaping creative ideas

We think outside the box

We make sure all our custom homes projects don’t look the same. Each project is completed with the final outcome in mind. Our design leave your guests and neighbours with an everlasting memory!

amaris group landscaping competitive pricing-01

Competitive Pricing

With a seasoned estimating and design team, Amaris Group has the knowledge coupled with the experience to keep your project within budget. Over everything else, we are here to earn your business, not to empty your pockets.

Quality workmanship done right the first time.

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