Snow Melting

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Snow Melting

Benefits of installing a snow melting system:

  • Cost Efficient Operation
  • Shovel Less during winter
  • Retain Driveway Quality
  • Environmentally Friendly Solution
  • Stress free in winter
  • Melt snow easier and faster in difficult locations
  • Prevent damage to driveway, concrete, from corrosive salts
  • Achieve a clean look
  • Protect the environment and garden around the area
  • Low operating costs
  • This is a great way to keep the driveways, walkways and stairways clean and safe.
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Driveway Heating Systems

Driveway heating systems offer the single advantage of effort-free snow removal. They eliminate the pain of shoveling and salting the driveways during snowy winters. They let you stay comfortable inside while they do all the work. These systems rely on mats and cables which heat the driveway automatically to prevent snow and ice buildup. When compared to the cost of shoveling and hiring plow companies, it is much cheaper to use the driveway heating systems. The cost of installation ranges from $14 to $24 per square foot and you can install it on your existing driveway. The best thing is that the system turns on and off automatically depending on the outdoor temperatures. It will cost between $120 and $250 every winter to heat a 1,000 square foot driveway. Deal away with the pain of snow shoveling each winter with the driveway heating systems. With the right team, the system can be installed virtually anywhere on your outdoor space. Snow and ice melting systems eliminate snow and ice build-up, increasing the safety of surfaces where people walk and drive. No more property damage from plow trucks.  You also don’t need to use salt at entrances, so it isn’t tracked all through your building. They can be installed in any type and size of driveway. The system includes a heating element, which can be either cables or a melting mat and a control. The heating element is embedded directly in concrete, asphalt or under pavers. Driveway heating systems are ideal in homes and commercial environments.

Affordable solution for your clean and safe driveway

Driveway heating mats

Snow melting mats are an ideal solution for regularly shaped driveways. If you have a square or rectangular driveway, a snow-melting mat can help you to effectively deal with snow and ice build-up. These mats are designed for even heating and optimal spacing throughout. The main advantage of this system is that it’s very easy to install.

Driveway heating cables

If you have an unusually shaped driveway, snow-melting cables are a better solution than mats. The cables come in a wide range of sizes and are designed to accommodate even the most irregularly shaped driveway. Most of the snow-melting cables used in residential areas are available in 120 or 240 voltages. If you need this installation for a commercial environment, then 208 and 277 voltages are available for you. The good thing with these systems, which makes them suitable for circular driveways and outdoor stairs, is that they can be installed with different spacing in order to minimize or increase the watts per sq. ft.

About your thermostat

The TH115 programmable thermostat has three temperature control modes:

Supplied Parts:
• One (1) thermostat
• Two (2) mounting screws
• Four (4) solderless connectors for copper wires
• One (1) floor sensor
• One (1) flat-tip screwdriver

A mode: controls the ambient air temperature
F mode: controls the floor temperature using an external temperature sensor
AF mode: controls the ambient air temperature / maintains the floor temperature within desired

Snow Melting FAQs

Snow melting cables vs. Mats - What's the difference?

A reliable driveway heating system will keep the area useable even in the heaviest of snowfalls. You can find a system that is affordable with reasonable operating costs. You can choose between snow melting cables and mats. With snow melting mats, you get an easy-to-install system that offers even heating throughout the driveway. Snow melting cables require more installation time but they are more affordable than the mats and perfectly suit irregularly shaped driveways. It is important to understand the particular needs of your driveway and choose a heating system that offers top-notch performance. You can then enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of a driveway heating system.

What is a heated driveway?

This is a driveway fitted with snow melting mats and cables which effortlessly prevent the buildup of snow and ice on the driveway, parking garage, ramp, walkway, and stairs. The system is connected to moisture and temperature sensing thermostat which turns the heat on and off automatically. The system will save you money which would otherwise be spent on plow companies, shoveling and also reduces accidents associated with slip and falls on the driveway.

How much does it cost to put in a heated driveway in Vaughan or Toronto?

The cost of installing a heated driveway is affected by a number of factors such as the type of system you want, cost of the materials and if you have an existing driveway.

For homeowners who have to demolish existing driveways, the cost of installing the heated driveway ranges from $14 to $24 per square foot. With these calculations, a 20 x 50 foot driveway will cost about $15,000 to install.

*An alternative to the heated systems is the portable heating mats. These can be placed over the driveway to prevent snow accumulation. The cost depends on size.

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